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Clean hands no matter if you are on the move, or on site. Only hot running water at the right temperature will get hands really clean. Wet wipes, gels or a cold rinse simply don’t work well. The Handeman delivers.


Handeman for Motor Vehicles

Handeman for Motor Vehicles

The NEW Slim-line HANDEMAN® is entirely self-contained and 25% smaller than any other. It has all the excellent features of the TEALwash including finger tip operated tap giving a hot wash under running water and fully automatic operation with ...

From £264.00 (Inc Tax £316.80)

HANDEMAN for In-cab & Portable use

HANDEMAN for In-cab & Portable use

The slim-line Handeman HMP12 is designed to work off a cigar/cigarette lighter socket and is fitted with 1M lead and suitable plug. It comes complete with carrying handle and mounting bracket together with the necessary fixings.

Tough & comple...

£330.73 (Inc Tax £396.88)

Handeman Insulated

Handeman Insulated

The HANDEMAN Insulated is a portable unit for use with pre-heated hot water. Anywhere that a hot water hand wash is a requirement and there is NO power supply then HANDEMAN INS is the answer. It can be positioned on any convenient flat surface, or...

£198.47 (Inc Tax £238.16)

Handeman for mains supply

Handeman for mains supply

Wall Mounted & Mains Operated HANDEMAN HM230

Handeman® needs NO separate waste container and NO waste tubing.Its unique Waste-Safe retains all the dirty water which can be emptied when the fresh water is replenished.


£315.81 (Inc Tax £378.97)