About Hygienic Solutions UK


Hygienic Solutions UK are now the number one provider of Glo Germ throughout Europe. We are supplying all sectors of industry with a range of UV lamps and Glo Germ products that surpasses all others.

Hygienic Solutions UK are commited to ensuring that effective hand washing techniques are applied, at all levels, in all sectors of Industry.

We are able to ensure this, by supplying Glo Germ to a variety of users, whilst at the same time, offering advice, with the benefit of years of experience of using Glo Germ and the associated products.

Recent Developments

Since the company was conceived, we have seen the unfortunate rise of C. Diff cases. The positive result of this, has been the increased awareness for hand hygiene in hospitals and medical facilities throughout the UK.

We have also witnessed the threat from biological terrorism, and Glo Germ has been instrumental in the training of de-contamination procedures.

The positive benefit of the above developments, is the increased awareness of everyone, from the threat of pathogenic bacterium and virus and the critical role that hygiene plays in reducing this threat.

What can we, do for you?

We can assist you, by ensuring that your company complies with legislation/Due diligence expectations, regarding hand hygiene, cross contamination and surface/equipment cleansing, in both practice and training.

We now have 13 trading years behind us, and an established presence in Europe.

We supply Governments and major international companies, many NHS Trusts and numerous consultants.

We can supply you wherever you are, whatever you do, but importantly, whenever you need.