Bioterrorism / PPE Training

Our products are now used extensively in the teaching of bio-terrorism preparation and the use of personal protection equipment (PPE). The properties of Glo Germ powder, gel and oil make them ideal for use in training of personnel in the area of exposure to bio-hazardous and chemically hazardous substances. The size of Glo Germ particles (1-5 microns and smaller) is equivalent to the sizes of typical bacteria cells and hazardous chemical particles.


Glo Germ clings to any type of surface and can be removed with soap and cold water. This makes it a powerful training tool to demonstrate proper doffing of protective gear, and tracking simulated hazardous materials that are not visible in ordinary light.


NOTE: Glo Germ should be washed from fabric with soap and cold water only. Warm water tends to set Glo Germ into the fabric. If this occurs, garments may still be worn safely but cannot be used again for Glo Germ demonstrations.