Privacy Policy

This is a privacy policy for Chem X Ltd (“CMX”). We want to protect the privacy of users (“Individuals”) and organizations who visit our website.

Such individuals and organizations include:

  • Unregistered users
  • Private individuals who actively registered their personal data to access CMX data and material
  • Business clients who register their personal data with CMX to access CHX data and material.

CMX Privacy Policy Statement

  • Individuals privacy and data protection are human rights
  • We have a duty of care to the individuals and organizations for which we process and store data on our systems
  • We will not contact individuals or organizations with irrelevant or unsolicited messages
  • Individuals and organizations data has a financial and security cost to store, so we only store and process data which is lawful and for as long as is necessary
  • We will never share individuals or organizations data with any other private organization, or make public individuals and organizations information
  • We may only disclose Individuals or organizations personal data if we are required to by Law

User Privacy and Data Protection

Our systems and processes comply with the following United Kingdom (“UK”) and European Union (“EU”) legislation:

UK Data Protection Act 1988 (DPA)
EU Data Protection Directive 1995 (DPD)
EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR)

Personal Information We Collect

Generic Registration

You will need to register your details so you are able to access certain features such as our product technical information and laboratory reports

Such personal data includes:

  • An email address which will is used for website account activation
  • A persons’ full name
  • The company name the person is employed by
  • Contact telephone number
  • Nature of inquiry

Website Enquiries

Our website includes a Contact us data capture page, which allows an individual to verify who they are and request information about their inquiry. This personal data is sent to a CMX via email. Data captured through these means is processed onto our CRM system as a potential lead for a follow-up. “Generic Registration” information is requested from the individual.

Distributor Enquiry

Our website includes Distributors and Installers Contact Form. This form allows you to contact CMX with specific inquiries. The information submitted will be forwarded to a CMX representative and will be uploaded onto our CRM system for follow up.

Personal data will include full name, email address, and the company name the individual is employed by. The addition of the individual’s telephone number will be required for a callback or an individual’s full address will be required if you require a technical site visit.

This personal data will be used for the purpose of legitimate interest and used for contacting the individual based on their inquiry.

Website Cookies

Session Cookies

Our website uses a cookie which is a tiny file that is saved on your device or computer. This file is a session cookie, and does not store any personal data in the file, and only saves a new identifier each time you log in to our website. This identifier allows your browsing interaction with our website to be more personal and helps to authorize your access to secure sections of the site.

Any session cookie created by logging in exists for as long as your browser is open. Once the browser is closed, the session cookie is deleted.

All communication between your browser and our website is encrypted and secure using HTTPS.