Surface Cleaning



1. Lightly dust a small amount of Glo Germ powder over an entire surface area.
2. Clean the surface until all visible powder disappears.
3. Pass the UV lamp over the surface; the remaining traces of powder will glow on the areas that weren’t washed thoroughly. When checking restroom areas for cleanliness, UV lamp may be used for the detection of urine without using Glo Germ powder.


Food Cross-Contamination



1. Sprinkle powder very lightly over a head of lettuce, tomato or another fruit or vegetable to be processed by trainees so that powder is not visible in ordinary light. Food used is to be discarded after demonstration.


2. Have trainee’s process food using their normal procedure and kitchen utensils.


3. Use UV lamp to show how the “glowing germs” are spread to hands, cutting boards, knives and to other foods.